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Other press:

Faculty Faction: Dr. Michael Butcher. By C. Hazenstab, YSU STEM Blog, Jan. 2013

Media profiling our work on opossum tail muscle structure/function include:

Telling Tails. By A. Luthern, The Vindicator, March 2013

In Search of the Woolly Opossum. By R. Merz, YSU News, Oct. 2012

Media profiling our work on turtle bone and muscle biomechanics include:

Turtles a Key to Hurdles. By A. Luthern, The Vindicator, April 2012

Research Contributes to Evolutionary Understanding. By A. Armeni, YSU Update, Jan. 2012

What Turtles Can Tell You. YSU Biological Sciences Newsletter, Dec. 2011

Turtles on Treadmills, Graduate Student Research Leads to Scientific Advances: YSU Media and Communications (watch the video...).


News and media releases about our research